Why is it so Hard to Keep Loyalty Program Members Engaged?

They forget! Customers forget they are members or forget they have rewards or points. They miss expiration dates and special events. Ultimately, they forget to take advantage of the program. But there’s hope! Mobile notifications add value for retailers, and customers prefer it to any other channel. So loyalty + mobile? A perfect match.

  • Almost half of loyalty members want to engage with their loyalty program via mobile.
  • Mobile click-through rates for loyalty and rewards programs are double those of email, at 4% and 10%, respectively

Set it and Forget it

Either via real-time API or batch upload, Clutch can receive a list of loyalty program members with expiring points, sending a predetermined mobile message reminding the members of the upcoming expiration date the following morning. Each night and the following day, the same thing. New members are updated in each system and new reminders go out.  For this particular client, setup and automation of the reminders took just one week, and once completed, required minimal involvement from our client’s team.

Our Client’s Goals

  • Grow loyalty program revenue by increasing conversions
  • Improve CTR over email (currently 4%)
  • Increase AOV for loyalty members with reminders

Read on to see the results!

Mobile Reminders
When it comes to loyalty program engagement, mobile reminders can be game changing.