Offer Management

Generic offers erode margin and do little to promote desired customer behaviors. Get the right offer to the right customer with machine learning-powered omnichannel offer management.

Offers that Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Activate your customer data to deploy intelligent offers that drive positive behaviors over time.

Deliver Personalized Offers at Every Step of the Customer Journey

Accomplish your business objectives by issuing coupons to incentivize store visits, cross-sell products and services, and reduce customer churn. Use historical data to get a headstart on optimized promotions with Clutch’s Customer Data Platform.

Boost Omnichannel Engagement with Orchestrated Offers

Coordinate offer distribution based on event-based, behavioral, or transactional triggers to delight your customers when it matters most.

Adapt your real-time messaging to your customer’s peak engagement hours and devices with Clutch’s Marketing Orchestration.

Automate Accuracy with Clutch Machine Learning

Optimized offers use custom criteria such as profit maximization and likelihood to redeem to find the best offer for each customer. Offers are matched on an individual customer level to improve KPIs, with a continuous feedback loop for ongoing improvements to the algorithms.

Match the Best Offer to the Right Customer

Activate your customer data to deploy intelligent offers that drive positive behaviors over time


Offer Catalog

Streamline and manage optimized, omnichannel promotions of Clutch-generated and 3rd party coupons.

Auto-Apply & Choice-Based Offers

Set detailed rules for your promotions that allow auto-redemption or enable customers to bank or use their coupons at checkout.

Optimized by Machine Learning

Experience intuitive, data-driven optimization that analyzes and fine-tunes offer distribution in real time.

Reporting & Insights

Understand your impact with customized reporting. Track claim statuses, redemption values, customer eligibility and more insights.

Upgrade Your Offer Strategy with Clutch’s Integrated Solutions

Customer Data Platform

Unify your customer data into one centralized intelligence hub to hyper-personalize your promotional offers.

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Loyalty Management

Increase retention with a structured loyalty program that delivers purpose-driven, dynamic coupons.

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Marketing Orchestration

Trigger engaging promotional offers based on your customers’ preferred engagement time and channels.

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