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Chief Marketing Officer

“Our goal remains to remove the stress and anxiety from the vehicle maintenance and repair process. This evolution in our customer relationship program will help do that and allow for greater personalization based on individual consumer and vehicle needs, which makes Clutch the ideal partner for Meineke.”

Chief Marketing Officer/Meineke

“We teamed with Clutch to uncover what motivates our customers, with the ultimate goal of turning buyers into devoted, life-long Samsonite shoppers. Clutch’s platform provides deep-dive analysis…across multiple dimensions based on behaviors and preferences…used to deliver exceptional, loyalty-earning experiences.”


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Our solutions deliver brands transformative marketing results, like:


Our Advanced Platform

Our customer marketing platform delivers your brand:

Cross-Channel Data Synthesis

Our platform synthesizes your customer data across fragmented sources like point-of-sale networks, ecommerce platforms, mobile apps, social accounts and other systems.

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Customer Intelligence

Our technology delivers precise identification and multidimensional understanding of your Most Valuable Customers (MVCs) via segments, personas, scoring, trends, analytics and KPIs.

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Personalized Marketing

We deliver automated, cross-channel marketing with personalized customer engagements spanning your brand's in-store, online, social, mobile, email and direct mail channels.

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Real-Time Optimization

Robust marketing performance measurement via cross-channel engagement analytics and specific program reporting to optimize and enhance campaign relevancy and efficacy.

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We feature a network of over 450 integration points, including:

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