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Our expertise in customer marketing, cross-channel intelligence and personalized engagements is regularly featured by a spectrum of leading publications.

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Advertising Age

“Few if any other auto-care firms have intricate loyalty programs like the one [Meineke] envisioned (with Clutch), one that keeps track of customer transactions and communication at multiple touchpoints.”

Stores Magazine

“Clutch sifts data down to develop customer profiles, including who they are, what they buy, when they buy, where they buy and other information to enhance the value of the customer for the brand.”


“Clutch has helped Harley-Davidson broaden this revenue ratio with a customer management model that concentrates on four key areas: data centralization, customer intelligence, targeted engagement and ongoing optimization.”

Loyalty 360

“Wizard World has turned to Clutch to develop the first loyalty program ever designed specifically for the comic con crowd. The idea is to leverage an array of marketing strategies and innovative technologies to deliver more personalized and memorable fan experiences.”

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Select recent articles featuring Clutch’s insight and expertise:

Press Release | Clutch Acquires Persio to Extend Mobile Marketing Capabilities

January 12, 2016: Clutch raised $5.25M in capital and acquired Persio.

Yahoo Finance | Clutch Named One of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine’s 2016 Entrepreneur 360™ List”

October 26, 2016: Clutch was honored in the national magazine’s business ranking.

The New York Times | Clutch Named to Top 5 Among Philadelphia Business Journal’s “50 on Fire”

October 5, 2016: Clutch was honored in the local business journal’s ranking.

PR Newswire | RCS and Clutch Partner to Provide an All-In-One Retail Sales and Customer Intelligence/Loyalty Solution to the Goodwill Industries of Denver

September 28, 2016: RCS and Clutch partner to help motivate Goodwill Industries of Denver’s customers..

Philadelphia Business Journal | 50 On Fire in Philly Fastest Growing Companies

September 23, 2016: Clutch wins the award for the 5th fastest growing company in Philadelphia.

MediaPost | Here’s How Chipotle Can Make A Comeback

September 21, 2016: Tyler Walton analyzes what strategy Chipotle should implement to increase sales.

The New York Times | Clutch Gift, Loyalty & Automated Marketing SuiteApp Achieves “Built for NetSuite” Status, Helping Brands Further Unify Their View of Customers

September 21, 2016: Clutch releases it’s NetSuite gift, loyalty, and automated marketing solution.

TotalRetail | How Retailers Can Rethink the In-Store Experience

September 19, 2016: Brad Marg gives his thoughts on brick-and-mortar stores are improving their customer experience.

Fast Casual | 3 steps to “wow-ing” customers with your loyalty program

September 1, 2016: Brad Marg is featured on how fast casual brands should design their loyalty programs.

Restaurant Hospitality | Understanding data-driven marketing

August 29, 2016: Brad Marg explains how restaurants can pull customer data into one platform to enhance marketing.

1to1 media | What’s Next for Social Commerce

August 8, 2016: Tyler Walton comments how social commerce will use customer data to remarket.

Philadelphia Business Journal | Cool office: Clutch Holdings

August 8, 2016: Our recently renovated office and building is featured in the local business journal.

The Washington Post | Frequent-flier programs could face tighter regulation — if customers speak up

August 4, 2016: Jim Hooven comments on the complexity of airline reward programs.

TotalRetail | How Smart Data Can Smash Stereotypes and Improve Customer Understanding

June 30, 2016: Ryan Rose discusses how customer data can create better customer engagements.

Wise Marketer | The Fundamentals of Customer Loyalty

May 24, 2016: Wise Marketer looks to Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, to lay out the fundamentals of customer loyalty.

BuzzFeed | Yes We Scan

May 23, 2016: Clutch CSO, Andy O’Dell talks about the future of payments and data’s critical role.

Loyalty 360 | Luxury Brands Failing with Customer Experience

May 20, 2016: Matt Segal discusses how many luxury brands are falling short when it comes to customer experience.

The Loyalty Post | Customer MarTech Finally Delivering for Marketing

May 19, 2016: A Q&A with our head of marketing, Mark Harrington, on the evolution of customer MarTech.

Direct Marketing News | How to Future-Proof Your Omnichannel Strategy

May 18, 2016: Clutch’s Client Strategy Director, Joe Pino, on the critical role your solution partner plays in developing a customer strategy.

Retail Info Systems News | New Retail Solution Released

May 18, 2016: Article on NetSuite’s release retail apparel solution and Clutch’s role as a strategic partner.

Yahoo Finance | NetSuite Reinforces Commitment to Apparel Brands with Clutch

May 18, 2016: NetSuite reviews its enhanced solutions for apparel retailers which includes Clutch’s solutions.

Direct Marketing News | Two Views of Customer Loyalty

May 17, 2016: Clutch’s COO, Brad Marg, is featured in this expert customer loyalty report on the chasm of loyalty.

Cettona | Experts on Loyalty Marketing

May 16, 2016: Our VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses why ever customer interaction is critical to earning true customer loyalty.

Vamp Footwear | Rocky Brands Introduces Customer Loyalty Program

May 12, 2016: Rocky Brands teams with Clutch to launch advanced loyalty program for four distinct brands.

Loyalty 360 | Rocky Brands Goes with Clutch for Unique Loyalty Program

May 11, 2016: Clutch COO, Brad Marg, discusses the unique challenges of launching an advanced loyalty program for Rocky Brands.

Yahoo Finance | Rocky Brands Selects Clutch to Lace Up Innovative Customer Loyalty

May 10, 2016: Rocky Brands announces that Clutch is powering unique customer loyalty programs for five of their footwear brands.

Loyalty 360 | Improving Retail Customer Experience Critical for Brands

May 5, 2016: Loyalty 360 features Clutch’s John Cecilian in this Q&A on the role of customer experience in retail success.

Franchising Today | Clutch Uses Data to Help Brands Connect with Customers

May 4, 2016: Franchising Today profiles Clutch’s advanced technology and strategies and how it impacts leading franchised brands.

Loyalty 360 | Overcoming CRM’s Growing Customer Frustration

May 3, 2016: Clutch COO Brad Marg writes on the wide shortcomings CRM has when it comes to customer marketing.

Pizza Marketplace | Data Driven Restaurant Growth

May 2, 2016: Clutch’s Tyler Walton writes on how data-driven customer strategies are transforming food brands.

Beverage Dynamics | Engaging Your Evolving Customer Base

April 2016: Beverage magazine features Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, on how brands are earning loyalty from savvy customers.

Entrepreneur | Loyalty Lessons From Trump

April 29, 2016: A look at the good and bad lessons on brand loyalty from the presidential candidate.

Fox News | Focusing on Genuine Customer Loyalty

April 29, 2016: Featured article on how genuine loyalty should be the focal point of a brand’s customer strategy.

Entrepreneur | Designing a Customer Strategy Focused on Genuine Loyalty

April 28, 2016: Our VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, bylines this feature on how “loyalty” is broken for many brands.

Tire Business | A More Engaging Way to ‘Clutch’ Sales

April 28, 2016: Leading tire industry publication features Clutch’s platform as a leading technology transforming automotive services.

QSR Web | How Disparate Data Can Boost Franchise Profits

April 25, 2016: Clutch Marketing Manager, Tyler Walton, bylines this feature on McDonald’s use of data to drive experience.

MSN Money | You’ll Soon Have to Pay to Avoid the Middle Seat

April 21, 2016: A look at how airlines are creating disloyalty with passengers with their loyalty initiatives.

The Street | The Issues with Airline Loyalty

April 21, 2016: Clutch talks about the issues and shortcomings with airline loyalty and what carriers can learn from other industries.

Loyalty 360 | Critical Traits of Successful Marketers

April 20, 2016: Our Vice President of Marketing, Mark Harrington, reviews several key traits of today’s successful customer marketer.

Yahoo Finance | Samsonite Tags Clutch to Unpack Innovative Customer Loyalty

April 19, 2016: Samsonite Korea selects Clutch to design and develop innovative customer loyalty program.

NG Data | Improving Customer Experience Through Data Mining

April 14, 2016: Clutch’s Jordan Cohen and Joe Pino serve as experts for this feature on data-driven customer experience.

The Hub | Driving Customer Action with the Right Data

April 8, 2016: A reprint of Direct Markting News’ Customer data eBook featuring Clutch’s Joe Pino.

Direct Marketing News | The Right Data Can Drive Customer Action

April 6, 2016: Clutch’s Joe Pino discusses the data that is helping brands earn genuine loyalty from customers.

LYONSCG Blog | Customer Loyalty Q&A

April 5, 2016: Clutch’s VP of Partnerships, Jenna Flateman Posner, discusses the innovations and advancements with customer loyalty.

Street Insider | LYONSCG Announces Strategic Alliance with Clutch

March 31, 2016: LYONSCG will leverage Clutch’s advanced capabilities in marketing, stored value, and omni-channel loyalty.

New York Times | A Look at Rewards Programs for Coffee

March 30, 2016: Clutch COO, Brad Marg, advises the Associated Press on the customer loyalty market for coffee.

Docurated | Biggest Digital Marketing Trends

March 30, 2016: Clutch provides insight on the most significant emerging trends impacting marketing in today’s digital world.

Preinvented Wheel | Data Driven Customer Insight

March 29, 2016: Our VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, talks about the challenges and benefits of customer data in driving strategy.

Retail TouchPoints | McDonald’s Success Secret Sauce: Data Driven Decisions

March 25, 2016: Clutch’s Marketing Specialist, Tyler Walton, reviews McDonald’s data-driven upswing in customer appeal.

CIO | Ways Businesses Can Leverage Customer Data

March 24, 2016: Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses how brands can effectively use their customer data.

RetailerNow | Finding the Right Loyalty Carrot For Your Store

March 23, 2016: Clutch client Miller Brothers Furniture reviews how their Clutch loyalty program helps them drive customer retention and sales.

Stores Magazine | All the Buzz

March 2016: Feature on the loyalty solution Clutch provides to Better Buzz coffee and how it impacts the brand’s success.

EContent Magazine | How to Realize ROI From Personalization

March 21, 2016: Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington discusses how customer personalization is driving ROI for brands.

Marketing Daily | Let them Eat (Coffee) Cake

March 17, 2016: Our Marketing Specialist, Tyler Walton, reviews the ins, outs and impacts of Starbucks changing the structure of its customer loyalty program.

Social Media Today | Maximizing Customer Value [Infographic]

March 15, 2016: A look at the challenges marketers face in motivating customers and how innovation is helping brands make deeper connections.

NetSuite Blog | Five Steps to Develop a Data-Driven Customer Strategy

March 14, 2016: Clutch’s CTO, Dan Guy, reviews the path brands are taking to launch data-driven customer strategies.

Loyalty 360 | Clutch Receives Recognition in Forrester Wave

March 4, 2016: Loyalty 360 interviews Clutch CEO Ned Moore on customer marketing innovations and market evolution.

Yahoo Finance | Clutch Wraps Up a Banner Year with Record Growth

March 2, 2016: Review of the tremendous growth and expansion Clutch saw over the course of 2015.

Vox | Making the Most of Experiential Marketing

February 26, 2016: Clutch COO Brad Marg discusses strategies and tactics to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine | Car Care Customer Engagement

February 25, 2016: Clutch’s automotive industry specialist, Ryan Rose, sits down for a Q&A on customer technology innovations impacting the car care industry.

Loyalty360 | Dispelling Major Loyalty Myths

February 24, 2016: Clutch’s Garth Reid dispels major customer loyalty myths holding back brands.

Philadelphia Business Journal | Loyalty Important in Recipe For Growth

February 24, 2016: Our VP of Marketing discusses how innovative, data-driven loyalty programs can drive success for emerging brands like honeygrow.

Retail Touchpoints | Keeping the Spark Alive in Your Gift Card Program

February 22, 2016: Clutch’s VP of Finance, Jerry Shinfeld, reviews the ins and outs businesses need to know with gift card programs.

Business2Community | Want Loyal Customers? Put Your Marketing Where Your Mouth Is

February 17, 2016: Our Marketing VP discusses the pitfalls marketing teams are falling into when it comes to customer loyalty.

LinkedIn Pulse | Forrester Wave Names Clutch a Strong Performer

February 16, 2016: Forrester Wave on loyalty says, “Consider Clutch if you need marketing support that goes beyond loyalty.”

Shoprocket | Common Marketing Mistakes Ecommerce Stores Make

February 15, 2016: Mark Harrington discusses the common data mistakes ecommerce brands make with their customer marketing.

Loyalty Today | Marketers Focused On, But Struggling With Customer Experience

February 15, 2016: Clutch Client Insights & Strategy Manager, Vasek Shatillo, discusses the challenges and triumphs brands are facing with customer experience.

NG Data | Customer Benefits From Data Analytics

February 11, 2016: Our VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses the most valuable customer insight businesses can glean from their data.

Loyalty 360 | Customers Frustrated With Brands That Fail To Personalize

February 4, 2016: Clutch’s VP of Ops, Jim Hooven, on customers growing increasingly frustrated with ‘one size fits all’ marketing.

Loyalty Today | PWC Shows Brands Still ‘Data Drowning’

January 23, 2016: Clutch’s Joe Pino discusses PWC’s recent report on brands’ data drowning’ and how MarTech is helping.

Flarrio | Experts Review How MarTech Is Shifting

January 22, 2016: Our VP of Marketing discusses how customer marketing technology is driving the MarTech evolution for brands.

NG Data | Creating a Data Driven Culture

January 19, 2016: Clutch’s Vasik Shatillo discusses the keys for brands to achieve a data driven culture to drive genuine customer loyalty.

icrunchdata News | Designing A Data Driven Customer Marketing Strategy

January 18, 2016: Feature article from Clutch’s VP of Marketing on how brands can adopt a data driven customer marketing strategy.

Loyalty Today | Loyalty Landscape: Automotive Service Roundtable

January 12, 2016: A roundtable of automotive service experts, including Clutch’s Ryan Rose, discusses customer loyalty and more.

Knowledge@Wharton | Marketing at Comic Con – How Loyalty Helps

January 5, 2016: Our COO Brad Marg and Wizard World’s Director of Events, Ryan Munoz, discuss how technology is driving Comic Con fan loyalty.

Wise Marketer | Five Ways to Promote Your Gift & Loyalty Programs

January 4, 2016: Clutch’s Marketing Manager, Tyler Walton, reviews effective ways to promote your gift and loyalty programs.

Total Retail | What Retailers Need to Know About Gift Cards

December 23, 2015: Clutch’s VP of Finance, Jerry Shinfeld, discusses major considerations brands need to make related to their gift card program.

Customer Magazine | CRM Platform Review

December 2015: Clutch is featured in the publication’s review of customer engagement platforms, or the ‘next gen’ CRMs.

Convenience Store News | 4 Ways to Get Customers Into Your C-Store

December 16, 2015: Our VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses tactics to get customers from the pump into the store.

Footwear News | Three Ways to Boost Holiday Sales

December 9, 2015: Clutch’s Ryan Rose discusses strategies retailers can use to enhance holiday sales from customers.

Women’s Wear Daily | Shopper’s New Mantra – Give Us an Experience

December 3, 2015: Clutch’s Matt Segal discusses brands tapping into mobile to enhance customer experience.

PMQ Pizza Magazine | New Marketing Technologies

December 1, 2015: Brad Marg, COO of Clutch, discusses marketing technologies transforming how restaurant brands connect with their customers.

QSR Magazine | The Big Business of Big Data

November 30, 2015: Clutch COO, Brad Marg, discusses how big customer data is transformative to restaurant brand marketing.

Loyalty Today | Approaching Customer Innovation ‘Head On’ with Giro’s Digital Marketing Head

November 18, 2015: Ezra Shaffer, Giro’s Digital Marketing Head, discusses how Clutch is helping them innovate Giro’s customer experience.

EContent Magazine | Digital Marketing Secrets to Maximize Black Friday & Cyber Moinday

November 18, 2015: Our COO, Brad Marg, provides insights on how customer personalization can maximize the holidays for brands.

CMO Digital Forum | Getting Ready for Twitter Wednesday

November 17, 2015: Our Marketing VP, Mark Harrington, provides guidance for brands looking to engage Twitter Wednesday.

Yahoo Finance | Clutch Adds CFO to Management Team

November 17, 2015: Mark S. Pollock joins Clutch team as CFO to help manage company’s growth.

Loyalty Today | Wizard World Finally Brings Loyalty to Comic Con Culture

November 16, 2015: Wizard World teams with Clutch to deliver loyalty program to Comic Con fans.

Loyalty 360 | Meineke Delivers Personalized Engagement

November 11, 2015: Loyalty 360 reviews the how Meineke and Clutch are transforming customer connections for the brand.

NetSuite Blog | Personalizing Customer Engagement for Apparel Brands

November 10, 2015: Clutch’s Matt Segal is featured in this Q&A discussing how Consumer Management is transforming apparel brands.

First Comics News | Wizard World Launches First Comic Con Loyalty Program

November 9, 2015: Clutch helps Wizard World launch first Comic Con loyalty program.

Yahoo Finance | Clutch Platform Powers Wizard World’s First Loyalty Program

November 9, 2015: Wizard World, provider of the iconic Comic Con events nationwide, selects Clutch to power its first loyalty program.

Entrepreneur Magazine | The Seven ‘Deadly’ Sins of Customer Engagement

November 9, 2015: Our VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, lays out the seven ‘deadly’ marketing sins of customer engagement.

NG Data | Experts Discuss Big Data Efficacy Tactics

November 9, 2015: Our Marketing Specialist, Tyler Walton, discusses how brands are taming their customer data to drive success.

Philadelphia Business Journal | Clutch CEO Discusses Philly’s Tech Future

November 5, 2015: Clutch CEO, Ned Moore, discussed the importance of company culture and more at the IMPACT Conference.

PR Web | Clutch COO Named to Loyalty Marketer’s Association Board

November 4, 2015: Clutch COO, Brad Marg, named to advisory board of Loyalty Marketer’s Association.

Loyalty 360 | Meineke & Clutch Finalists for CX award

November 3, 2015: Meineke and Clutch honored as finalists for Loyalty 360 Customer Experience Award.

Marketing Daily | Love Perk: Philly Teaches Lessons in Loyalty

October 29, 2015: Clutch’s Mark Harrington reviews loyalty lessons from Phialdelphia and why chose the iconic city for their flagship show.

Customer Service Manager | Meineke to Discuss Delivering Exceptional Service at Engagement Expo

October 27, 2015: Meineke will present a fascinating session titled “Delivering High Performance, Personalized Brand Experiences to Customers,” at Engagement Expo.

EContent Magazine | Using Authenticity to Engage Millennials

October 26, 2015: Our VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses effective tactics brands are engaging to reach and motivate Millennials.

Loyalty Today | Getting Brands ‘Back to the Future’ with Customers

October 24, 2015: Clutch’s Director of Client Strategy discusses customer technology advances bringing brand ‘back to the future.’

Advertising Age | Under the Hood: A Look at Meineke’s New Loyalty Program

October 8, 2015: Meineke’s CMO and Clutch VP of Operations discuss the new customer program Clutch is assembling for the auto service brand.

Safeguard | Get a Taste of Philly and Marketing’s Future at

October 2, 2015: Clutch hosting ‘Taste of Philly’ event at Digital Summit in Philadelphia.

Mississippi Business Journal | How Social Media Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

September 24, 2015: Mark Harrington discusses the pitfalls brands often fall into with sloppy social media management.

QViews | Finding the Perfect Loyalty Perk

September 23, 2015: Loyalty blog features Q&A with Clutch’s Joe Pino on New York Times’ and Starbuck’s partnership.

NG Data | Most Important Customer Experience Metric

September 17, 2015: Clutch VP of Operations, Jim Hooven, discusses the pitfalls myopic customer experience metrics can pose to brands.

CIO | 7 Ways Social Media Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

September 15, 2015: Clutch’s Mark Harrington discusses the challenges social media poses to leading brands.

CMO | How Can Marketers Leverage the Power of Buyer Personas?

September 11, 2015: Clutch’s Mark Harrington discusses how focusing on current customers can slingshot a brand’s business.

Business2Community | Five Critical Traits of Successful Marketers

September 3, 2015: Clutch’s marketing head, Mark Harrington writes on the five traits successful marketers need today.

LinkedIn Pulse | Five Brand Transforming Impacts Delivered By Customer Data

September 2, 2015: A look at the major impacts brands are experiencing by centralizing their disparate customer data.

Stores Magazine | Prepaid State of Mind

September 2, 2015: Clutch’s Head of Customer Insights and Strategy, Joe Pino, discusses the impact prepaid promotional cards have on brands and customers.

Loyalty 360 | Shifting Customer Experience Into High Gear

August 31, 2015: Meineke CMO, Artemio Garza, talks about Meineke’s approach to customer loyalty and how Clutch is helping them achieve it.

Website Magazine | Retail CRM Tactics From the Pros

August 31, 2015: Clutch COO Brad Marg discusses how Marketing teams are shifting to Consumer Management technology over failed traditional CRMs.

Aftermarket News | Meineke Launches National Ad Campaign to Align with Loyalty Program

August 31, 2015: Meineke launches “On With Life” ad campaign to align with new customer loyalty campaign designed by Clutch.

Payments Source | POS on Cloud and Clutch Partner to Deliver Loyalty Solutions

August 24, 2015: POS on Cloud partners with Clutch to to integrate customer loyalty solutions into their solutions.

Yahoo Finance | POS on Cloud and Clutch Partner to Serve Customer Solutions to Restaurants and Retailers

August 24, 2015: Clutch and POS on Cloud partner to deliver advanced customer solutions to businesses.

CMS Wire | Smile, You’re On Consumer Camera

August 19, 2015: Clutch’s Tyler Walton provides insight on in-store tracking and retail customer advancements.

eTail Blog | 5 Essentials to Maximize Your Demandware Implementation

August 17, 2015: Jenna Flateman Posner reviews five cartridges that extend the utility of your Demandware implementation.

icrunchdata News | Five Advantages Innovative Brands Gain from Big Customer Data

August 14, 2015: Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses how big customer data is transforming brand engagement and loyalty.

Marketing Daily | Can an Online Version of Costco Beat an Ecommerce Behemoth?

August 10, 2015: Clutch’s Dylan Gordon reviews the ensuing battle between newcomer and ecommerce giant Amazon.

Wise Marketer | When Are Fees Appropriate with a Loyalty Program?

August 6, 2015: Clutch’s Tyler Walton writes on when brands should consider a premium structure for their loyalty program.

Yahoo Finance | WebLinc and Clutch Partner to Deliver Customer Intelligence to Brands

August 3, 2015: Safeguard ‘sister’ companies WebLinc and Clutch partner to deliver advanced customer solutions to brands.

Focus on Fashion Retail | Why Consumers Don’t Like Mobile Shopping Apps

July 31, 2015: Andy O’Dell writes on the consumer challenges mobile shopping apps present to retailers.

Hospitality Tech | Loyalty – The Next Generation

July 29, 2015: Elevation Burger discusses how Clutch’s technology is helping them lead the charge on customer loyalty.

Footwear News | What’s Amazon’s Success Means for Footwear Brands

July 24, 2015: Ryan Rose, discusses footwear ecommerce and how Amazon’s continued success is impacting it.

LinkedIn Pulse | ‘Prime’ Lessons Your Brand Should Learn From Amazon

July 24, 2015: Clutch’s marketing head, Mark Harrington, discusses the key customer lessons for every brand from Amazon’s ‘Prime Day.’

Safeguard | Safeguard Features Clutch in Q215 Financial Report

July 23, 2015: Lead Clutch investor, Safeguard Scientifics, features Clutch in their second quarter financial report.

NG Data | Most Critical Data for Marketing Decisions

July 21, 2015: Clutch COO, Brad Marg, and Client Head, Joe Pino, discuss the most important data brands can focus on to drive their customer marketing strategy.

Footwear News | Italian Job: The Introduction of M. Gemi

July 20, 2015: Clutch’s Ryan Rose provides insight on the ecommerce dimension and Clutch client M. Gemi

Entrepreneur | Amazon ‘Prime Day’ Looking Like a Win for WalMart

July 17, 2015: Clutch’s Mark Harrington reviews WalMart’s efforts to invade Amazon’s “Prime Day” loyalty program boost.

Footwear News | Tips for Retaining Footwear Customers

July 16, 2015: Clutch’s Tyler Walton shares insight on how footwear brands can effectively retain their customers.

The Auto Channel | Meineke Selects Clutch to Drive Strategic Customer Experience

July 14, 2015: A leader in automotive service, maintenance and repair, Meineke chose Clutch to design and power a comprehensive consumer engagement solution.

1to1 Media | Mobile Marketing Adoption on a Global Scale

July 13, 2015: Clutch’s Joe Pino discusses how brands are effectively adopting mobile customer engagement with Consumer Management technology.

Loyalty 360 | Clutch COO on Customer Data and Loyalty Trends

July 13, 2015: Clutch COO, Brad Marg, reviews the growing trends with consumer data and customer loyalty.

Retail Touchpoints | Dispelling Five Major Myths of Customer Loyalty

July 13, 2015: Clutch’s Ryan Rose reviews the truths behind major customer loyalty myths plaguing many retail brands.

Loyalty 360 | From the Frontline of the CMO/ CIO ‘War’

July 11, 2015: Clutch’s Jim Hooven talks about the challenges and triumphs of CIOs and CMOs working together to enhance customer experience.

Apparel Magazine | How Theory and Spendid Glean Customer Insight

July 8, 2015: Clutch’s Matt Segal writes a feature on how leading apparel brands are using Consumer Management to earn customer loyalty.

Business2Community | Understanding the Connection Between Experience and Loyalty

July 7, 2015: While many brands are adamant in their refusal to be viewed as discount providers, the irony is that they are often conditioning this very designation with consumers.

Retail Customer Experience | Getting Strategic with Back to School

July 6, 2015: Clutch’s Marketing head, Mark Harrington discusses how data is driving back to school strategies for leading brands.

CMO Club | Enhancing Customer Engagement

July 6, 2015: A review of the CMO Club roundtable event on enhancing customer engagement hosted by Clutch CEO, Ned Moore.

Loyalty 360 | Apple Wallet’s Customer Loyalty Impact

July 3, 2015: Clutch’s VP of Product, Pete Borowsky, reviews the impact Apple Wallet could have on customer loyalty.

1to1 Media | Social Commerce Comes of Age

July 1, 2015: Clutch’s Mark Harrington discusses the challenges and triumphs brands are having with Social Media.

Marketing Examiner | Customer Retention Hacks for the Bottom Line

June 23, 2015: Clutch’s Mark Harrington discusses how many brands are mis-focused customer acquisition instead of retention.

Yahoo Finance | Marbles Teams with Clutch to Execute Customer Engagement Strategy

June 22, 2015: Hallie Steube, Director of Marketing for Marbles, explained, “We now have the opportunity to understand our customers like never before.”

Loyalty 360 | How Technology is Creating Perfect Fit Between Footwear Customers and Brands

June 20, 2015: Clutch’s Ryan Rose discusses how footwear brands are leveraging consumer management to strategically connect with customers.

Future of Commerce | Convenience is King

June 18, 2015: Clutch’s Andy O’Dell discusses the how engagement of convience motivates consumers.

Channel Insider | Clutch and EVO Join Forces

June 17, 2015: Clutch and EVO join forces to deliver advanced customer solutions to SMBs.

NASDAQ | EVO Partners with Clutch to Deliver Advanced SMB Solution

June 16, 2015: EVO Platinum Services Group and Clutch team to deliver advanced loyalty and gift solution for SMB merchants.

Loyalty 360 | Understanding Intelligent Customer Experience

June 13, 2015: Mark Harrington discusses how brands are leveraging technology advancements to drive customer experience.

Candy & Snack Today | Dylan’s Launches Loyalty Program

June 11, 2015: Dylan’s Candy Bar Sweet Rewards loyalty program is designed to help identify and understand the retailer’s core consumers to better connect with them.

Loyalty Today | The Keys to Achieving Exceptional Customer Experience

June 10, 2015: Joe Pino discusses how brands are paving the customer experience path with data.

Yahoo Finance | Dylan’s Candy Bar Teams with Clutch to Launch Sweet Rewards

June 9, 2015: Dylan’s Candy Bar partners with Clutch to design Sweet Rewards customer loyalty program.

Full Service Restaurants | Clutch Refreshes Latitude 360 Loyalty Program

June 5, 2015: Clutch brings new technology and strategy to Latitude 360’s ‘Club 360’ customer loyalty program.

Loyalty360 | Clutch CTO Discusses Forrester’s “Get Customer Obsessed or Fail” Mantra

June 4, 2015: Clutch CTO, Dan Guy, goes in depth on the technologies help brands truly get customer-centric.

Loyalty Management Magazine | Clutch CEO in the State of Loyalty Marketing

June 3, 2015: Ned Moore, CEO, Clutch offered his unique and expert views on topics related to loyalty marketing and customer engagement.

Philadelphia Business Journal | Clutch Helps Clients Target Customers

June 2, 2015: Clutch COO, Brad Marg, talks about the vision and success of Clutch in delivering customer experience to leading brands.

Yahoo News | Latitude 360 Teams With Clutch to Innovate ‘Club 360’ Program

June 1, 2015: “Clutch was our ideal choice to manage our ‘360x Club’ Membership and Loyalty Programs.”

NG Data | Top Tips to Effectively Manage Customer Data

May 27, 2015: Clutch’s Joe Pino discusses the impact data centralization can have on brand loyalty.

Philadelphia Inquirer | Safeguard Pumps Millions More Into Clutch

May 26, 2015: Safeguard leads $5 million investment to close out Clutch’s Series B round.

Technically Philly | Safeguard Leads Series B Close for Clutch

May 26, 2015: Clutch closes $5 million investment in Series B round, led by Safeguard Scienitifics.

Wise Marketer | Mind the Intelligence Gap

May 26, 2015: Clutch Marketing Head, Mark Harrington, discusses how technology is helping brands identify their best customers and personalize engagements.

Yahoo Finance | Clutch Raises $5 Million to Close Series B

May 26, 2015: Clutch announces closure of B round with $5 million investment from Safeguard and others.

Future of Commerce | Defining Four Forms of Customer Engagement

May 21, 2015: Clutch CSO, Andy O’Dell, reviews four primary engagement approaches that brands can leverage to motivate customers.

NewSpring Capital | Portfolio Company, Clutch, Shines at Enterprise Awards

May 20, 2015: Clutch CEO, Ned Moore was named finalists in the Technology CEO of the Year category. NewSpring congratulates Clutch for this well-deserved recognition.

Loyalty360 | How the Wireless Industry is Generating Effective Loyalty

May 19, 2015: Clutch’s Matt Segal answers questions on how wireless providers are leveraging loyalty solutions to reduce customer churn.

1to1 Media | Social Commerce Comes of Age

May 18, 2015: Clutch VP of Marketing discusses the evolving strategy with social commerce in this in-depth industry report.

LinkedIn Pulse | How NOT to Implement Your Loyalty Program

May 14, 2015: Tyler Walton reviews common mistakes to avoid with a recently implemented loyalty program.

Loyalty360 | How Does Harley-Davidson Create and Maintain Its Brand Loyalty?

May 12, 2015: Brad Marg sits down for this one-on-one interview on how Harley-Davidson leverages consumer management to drive customer experience.

B2B News Network | Make Sure No One Unsubscribes From Your Email Marketing

May 11, 2015: Tyler Walton is featured, giving tips on how to deliver value and relevancy with your email marketing. | Marketing’s Massive Disconnect

May 4, 2015: Mark Harrington discusses the massive disconnect most Marketing Departments suffer from with customers.

Loyalty360 | How Consumer Management Sparked Customer Loyalty for Harley-Davidson

May 4, 2015: Clutch COO Brad Marg and HD Blue Spring’s Shonna Smith discuss how consumer management technology helps Harley

Wise Marketer | How NOT to Design Your Loyalty Scheme

April 30, 2015: Tyler Walton reviews the good, bad and ugly from a recently launched loyalty program.

Demandware Blog | Go Beyond Discounts to Inspire Customer Loyalty

April 30, 2015: Jenna Flateman Posner on how benefits beyond discounts can help brands drive customer affinity and experience.

LinkedIn Pulse | Q&A: Shifting to Data Driven Customer Connections

April 29, 2015: Discussion with Mark Harrington (Clutch VP of Marketing) on how CMO’s can now unlock the power of data to connect with customers.

Colloquy | Consumer Management Supercharges Harley-Davidson’s Success

April 28, 2015: Feature on Brad Marg’s session on how Clutch’s technology is driving customer success for Harley dealerships.

Future of Commerce | Data Drives the Transaction, Not the Other Way Around

April 16, 2015: Jenna Posner reviews the critical role of data in driving personalized customer experiences.

LinkedIn Pulse | So, You Want Genuine Customer Loyalty? Focus Here

April 13, 2015: Mark Harrington reviews the focal points that drive genuine customer loyalty for brands.

Docurated | Effective Enterprise Marketing Strategy

April 9, 2015: Mark Harrington discusses how customer understanding is a primary key to effective enterprise marketing strategy.

D&B CMO Connectors | The Marketer’s Wish List

April 7, 2015: Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses what is generally at the top of Marketers’ wish lists today.

Fit Small Business | Expert Marketing Ideas for Spas and Health Clubs

April 3, 2015: Tyler Walton goes in-depth on how spas and health clubs can better market themselves and connect with customers.

D&B CMO Connectors | Mission Possible: Reign In Your Rogue Data

March 31, 2015: D&B sits down with our VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, to discuss how Marketers can effectively leverage data.

The Wise Marketer | The Five Focal Points of Genuine Customer Loyalty

March 26, 2015: Clutch’s Mark Harrington is featured in the expert piece reviewing the focal points of genuine loyalty and steps to success.

CIO Magazine | Top Reasons Consumers Unsubscribe From Your Emails

March 25, 2015: Clutch’s Tyler Walton reviews major hurdles many brands trip over when it comes to consumers unsubscribing from their emails.

National Federation of Independent Business | Should Your Business Have a Loyalty Program?

March 24, 2015: NFIB talks to Clutch’s Andy O’Dell about the benefits and challenges of adopting a customer loyalty program.

WIRED Insights | How Marketers Are Leading the Charge on Big Data

March 23, 2015: Clutch’s Marketing Head reviews how innovative marketers are leveraging Consumer Management to extract value from ‘big data.’

Future of Commerce | What a 23 Year Old Teaches Us About Unified Commerce

March 13, 2015: A look at evolving customer experience and the critical role Consumer Management technology is playing.

Loyalty360 | CMO Challenge: Executive Brief

March 12, 2015: Clutch COO, Brad Marg, is featured in this industry report reviewing the main challenges and solutions CMOs are facing.

NG Data | How to Leverage Big Data in Your Marketing Strategy

March 10, 2105: Clutch’s Marketing Head, Mark Harrington, reviews how brands can leverage big data to drive strategic marketing.

LinkedIn Pulse | Want to Boost Your Business? Focus on Your MVCs

March 5, 2015: While most brands understand the value of finding their MVCs, many brands struggle to uncover them and often identify them based on a single dimension.

Loyalty360 | Next Gen Loyalty Uses Data to Customize Experience

March 4, 2015: This topic was the theme during a recent discussion at the All Payments Expo, which featured Clutch CSO Andy O’Dell.

QSR Web | Putting Loyalty into Consumers’ Hands, Not With Employees

March 4, 2015: QSRs should consider moving enrollment away from the point-of-sale and into consumers’ hands, freeing employees from additional obligations at the register.

Loyalty360 | How Your Brand Can Effectively Gain Loyalty

March 3, 2015: Clutch’s Dylan Gordon reviews in this SlideShare how brands can strategically earn loyalty from their customers.

1to1 Media | Navigating the Mobile Retail Space in 2015

March 2, 2015: Our VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, is featured in this piece discussing the importance of customer intelligence to a retail mobile strategy.

MarketingProfs | Five Ways Advanced Consumer Management is Transforming Marketing

February 26, 2015: Successful companies are embracing advanced consumer management technology to gain a holistic, multidimensional understanding of customers.

Loyalty360 | Marketing’s Not Dead, It Gives Life to Loyalty

February 26, 2015: We sat down with Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, to discuss the idea that Marketing is “dead” as HBR put it.

Wired | Why Consumers Dislike Mobile Shopping Apps

February 25, 2015: Clutch’s Andy O’Dell discusses the shortcomings of shopping apps that create disapproval with consumers.

Loyalty360 | Building Brand Advocates

February 24, 2015: An in-depth slideshare on how brands can effectively identify and cultivate their brand advocates.

Retail TouchPoints | Back to Customer Service Basics in a Digital Era

February 24, 2015: Clutch’s Marketing Specialist, Tyler Walton, discusses how real-time connectivity to Customer Service helps drive user experience.

CMO Essentials | 5 Reasons Customers Hate Marketing Emails

February 18, 2015: Tyler Walton is featured in this guest column on five major mistakes brands make with their email marketing campaigns.

Retail TouchPoints | Uncovering, Understanding And Unlocking The Power of The MVC

February 17, 2015: Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses the impact of identifying and engaging a brand’s most valuable customers.

Amazon Blog | How to Identify Your Most Valuable Consumers

February 12, 2015: Amazon ‘Sell More’ Blog features how Consumer Management technology can help brands identify and leverage their best customers.

NextRestaurants | Unlocking the Power of Restaurant Segmentation

February 10, 2015: NextResturants invited Brad Marg, Chief Operating Officer with Clutch, to give some great insights on what’s possible for restaurants to leverage customer segmentation.

Incentive Magazine | A Closer Look at Clutch

February 5, 2015: The advanced consumer management platform helps brands build consumer loyalty and deliver gifting, gift card and strategic marketing solutions.

CNBC | Clutch Has Banner Year, Innovating Consumer Management with Record Growth and Marquee Honors

February 3, 2014: Clutch’s advanced Consumer Management platform leads the way in next-generation loyalty, gift and marketing solutions to existing customers and now engages over 45 million consumers.

LinkedIn Pulse | Personalize to Optimize

January 28, 2015: Clutch’s Dylan Gordon discusses the importance for brands to personalize their points of engagement to maximize their efficacy.

Direct Marketing News | The Three Pillars of Customer Lifetime Value

January 26, 2015: Clutch’s VP of Marketing discusses how brands are leveraging digital customer intelligence to enhance the customer lifetime value of marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn Pulse | 3 Ways Wet Seal Can Positively Move Forward

January 26, 2015: Clutch Marketing Specialist, Tyler Walton, discusses how Wet Seal can move forward from their recent market struggles.

Loyalty360 | How to Create a Killer Customer Experience

January 20, 2015: An in-depth view of the ins and outs of how brands can build an experience focused on their customers.

NCR Small Business Blog | 2015 Mobile Payment Security Top Issue

January 16, 2015: Clutch CSO, Any O’Dell, shares his thoughts on 2015 payment issues on NCR Small Business expert panel with experts from Forbes and Experian.

Business2Community | Five Advantages Savvy Marketers Gain From Consumer Management

January 15, 2015: As Marketing increasingly becomes a data-driven discipline within the organization, the ability to centralize, synthesize and analyze fragmented data streams across an array of channels is critical.

NCR Small Business Blog | 2014 The Year of Apple Pay

January 14, 2015: Clutch CSO, Andy O’Dell, with a panel of experts discussing the biggest payment innovation of the year in 2014.

LinkedIn Pulse | Loyalty Comes Second

January 14, 2015: It’s easy to get mesmerized in the attractive, enticing world of loyalty. In fact, we hear the same excitement all the time. However, loyalty comes second; data capture and customer intelligence come first.

NG Data | Use Customer Intelligence Data to Improve Customer Loyalty

January 8, 2015: Clutch’s Director of Customer Success, Joe Pino, reviews how brands can leverage their consumer data to effectively understand customers to ultimately earn loyalty.

Retail Leader | Loyalty Programs’ Effectiveness Questioned

January 7, 2015: Clutch’s Vice President of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses how brands are missing the big opportunity to build genuine connections with their customers.

Smart Data Collective | No, You Don’t Need A Data Scientist Army to Understand Consumers

January 6, 2015: Today’s advances in consumer management technology are facilitating a paradigm shift for brands to achieve authentic understanding and generate genuine loyalty from their best customers.

LinkedIn Pulse | Big Idea 2015: Back To Customer Engagement Basics

January 5, 2015: Clutch’s Tyler Walton is featured on LinkedIn Pulse’s ‘Big Idea’ discussion for 2015. Here he reviews the importance of getting back to basics with customers.

Loyalty Truth | Rawlings & Clutch Launch a Sporty Loyalty Program

December 18, 2014: Rawlings and Clutch have teamed to launch Rawlings Rewards that targets Rawlings most loyalty customers.

Loyalty360 | Rawlings’ New Loyalty Program Targets Loyal Customers as Advisers

December 16, 2014: Rawlings recently partnered with Clutch, a leading consumer management firm that specializes in consumer insights, strategic loyalty and advanced technology, to create Rawlings Rewards−the company’s first-ever customer loyalty program.

LinkedInPulse | Using Diminishing Customer Loyalty as a Competitive Advantage

December 15, 2014: As many companies lament diminishing loyalty from today’s ‘always on’ consumer, those savvy brands among them are embracing the approach and technology required to shift from a reactive, “wait and see” concept to a proactive, “design and drive” initiative.

CNN | Rawlings Teams with Clutch to Launch Rawlings Rewards Loyalty Program

December 10, 2014: Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc. recently partnered with Clutch, a leading consumer management firm that specializes in consumer insights, strategic loyalty and advanced technology, to create Rawlings Rewards™, its first consumer loyalty program.

LinkedIn Pulse | Leveraging Holiday Traffic to Expand Loyalty Enrollment

December 9, 2014: A look at methods and tactics to effectively increase loyalty program enrollment over the holiday season.

Smart Data Collective | How Savvy Marketers Transform “Big Consumer Data” into Customer Wins

December 5, 2014: The Marketing team for many leading brands has raced ahead of the curve thanks to technology advancements that don’t require teams of data savants.

LinkedIn Pulse | How Extended Black Friday Deals Are Killing Loyalty

December 2, 2014: Focusing on price instead of adding value, retailers are training shoppers to focus on price as well. They collectively create a customer expectation for discounts, driving market prices down, and increasing consumer surplus (when a consumer is willing to pay more than the current market price).

LinkedIn Pulse | 5 Holiday Gift Card Strategies for Restaurants and Retailers

November 24, 2014: Clutch’s Tyler Walton reviews strategies and tactics to effectively engage gift cards during the holiday season for both retailers and restaurants.

Loyalty Magazine | Clutch Launches Loyalty for Amazon Webstores

Third Quarter, 2014: Clutch is featured in the Q3 Loyalty Innovation review for launching a custom, automated loyalty program for Amazon Webstore merchants.

LinkedIn Pulse | Achieving Loyalty in the ‘Age of the Consumer’

November 20, 2014: Today, brands can understand consumers like never before on a multidimensional level in regards to their shopping tendencies, purchase actions, loyalty triggers and brand affinities.

Business2Community | Loyalty’s Evolution and the Impact on Brands

November 17, 2014: Marketing teams now have the ability to strategically understand their customers on deep, multidimensional levels based on their shopping actions and behaviors, allowing brands to craft personalized communications and engagements in real-time.

Loyalty360 | How Your Brand Can Effectively Gain Loyalty

November 14, 2014: Seizing customer loyalty is about winning who you can. Focus on customers who adopt early, and reward them for taking a chance on your brand. Furthermore, work to understand why your first customers became your first customers.

Inside CRM | 5 Reasons Your Company Needs Social Intelligence

November 13, 2014: According to Clutch VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, “When social intelligence is overlaid onto consumer transaction or loyalty data, its value grows exponentially given the dimensions of attitudes and actions that are revealed.”intelligence is overlaid onto consumer transaction or loyalty data, its value grows exponentially given the dimensions of attitudes and actions that are revealed.”

LinkedIn Pulse | Five Ways Brands Sabotage Customer Loyalty

November 11, 2014: Clutch VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington writes on five major ways brands are sabotaging customer loyalty with their reward program structure. | 6 Ways to Leverage Social CRM

November 8, 2014: Clutch VP of Marketing is featured in this article saying, “Having the ability to understand consumers on a multidimensional level allows brands to effectively engage, build loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage.”

Customer Engagement 365 | The Evolution of Loyalty

November 3, 2014: Clutch COO, Brad Marge, reviews how brands have the ability to strategically understand customers, allowing them to craft personalized communications and engagements in real-time to motivate consumer actions towards greater commitment and stronger loyalty.

LinkedIn Pulse | Building Brand Advocates

October 29, 2014: A brand advocate is a satisfied loyal customer who shares their positive experience with others, ultimately influencing the creation of more loyal customers.

Inside ERP | 5 Ways to Turn Social Media Data Into Customer Intelligence

October 28, 2014: Clutch VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, shares insight on how to leverage social media to gain powerful insight on customers to drive strategy.

Yahoo Business Advisor | Achieving Loyalty in the ‘Age of the Consumer’

October 28, 2014: Many retailers lament today’s “Age of the Consumer,” pointing to the challenges and disadvantages it presents to brands, however, many innovative companies are recognizing this increased intelligence as a path to understand consumer needs in order to drive loyalty.

Future of Commerce | Why Retailers Should Stop Selling Loyalty

October 24, 2014: Forward thinking merchants are learning to focus on quality members, over quantity. It’s for this reason retailers serious about building loyalty should stop the hard sell that attracts those who are hunting discounts and focus on making it easy for your best customers.

WIRED | Experience the Key to Apple Pay’s Success

October 22, 2014: Clutch Co-Founder, Andy O’Dell, discusses why customer experience will determine whether Apple Pay is a tipping point for the mobile wallet space.

Business2Community | Achieving Success in the Age of the Consumer (infographic)

October 22, 2014: A infographic review of how smart brands are strategically building loyalty in today’s challenging ‘Age of the Consumer’ environment.

Solution Providers for Retail | Using Social Media In Business

October 20, 2014: Clutch Vice President of Marketing, Mark Harrington, reviews how businesses can strategically leverage social media to effectively build brand loyalty.

LinkedIn Pulse | Becoming Your Own Customer

October 15, 2014: Customer success starts with creating a quality product or service customers actually want. A company can have the greatest loyalty program in the world but it will fail if the foundation isn’t built around the customer.

CNBC | Clutch Delivers Automated Loyalty Platform to Amazon Webstore

October 15, 2014: The loyalty solution that Clutch has built is configurable so merchants using the Amazon Webstore platform can create programs that meet their needs and business model.

LinkedIn Pulse | What is Customer Success?

October 13, 2014: Clutch Marketing Manager, Tyler Walton write how overall customer success is a continuous process of removing barriers and increasing opportunities for customers to engage with a company.

Loyalty360 | Alleviating Loyalty Program Frustrations

October 13, 2014: A recently released study on customer engagement loyalty from Colloquy found that 54 percent of loyalty program members are unhappy with the reward options offered by brands.

Business2Community | Maximizing Your Best Customers (infographic)

October 10, 2014: As brands look to increase the impact of their marketing budgets to compete in today’s “Age of the Consumer,” many are realizing that a focus on maximizing their best customers is the most economical and effective path to success.

Businessweek | Philadelphia’s Focus on Technology

October 9, 2014: Clutch Co-founder and CEO, Ned Moore, was recently featured in a Philadelphia-focused section of Businessweek which highlighted Clutch as one of the region’s premiere technology businesses.

New York Times | Harrington Joins Clutch as Marketing Head

October 8, 2014: Clutch adds technology veteran marketer, Mark Harrington, as Vice President of Marketing to help expand company’s exposure and thought leadership.

Loyalty360 | Clutch COO Provides Insight on Loyalty, CX Trends

October 2, 2014: Clutch Chief Operating Officer, Brad Marg, sits down for a Q&A where he discusses the emerging trends in loyalty, success measurement and customer experience.

Future of Commerce | Consumer Success or Loyalty: Which Comes First?

October 1, 2014: Clutch Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer writes this guest column on the relationship between consumer success and consumer loyalty.

WIRED | Will Apple Kill Off Credit Cards Like Compact Discs?

August 28, 2014: Clutch Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Andy O’Dell, writes this guest feature reviewing Apple’s jump into the payment arena and the impact it could have.

Inc. | Creating an Affordable Mobile Marketing Presence

August 15, 2014: “Typically, relationships are the highest driver of loyalty in the SMB space, next to location, but they are often overlooked in SMB marketing plans,” explained Clutch Chief Strategy Officer, Andy O’Dell.

Loyalty360 | Becoming Your Own Customer

July 21, 2014: Clutch Marketing Manager, Tyler Walton, provides this guest column on how brands can become strategically customer centric.

eTail Blog | 7 Ways to Integrate Multichannel Data to Drive the Bottom Line

July 16, 2014: Clutch’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Jenna Flateman Posner, reviews how brands can synthesize and leverage multichannel data to drive business performance.

Retail Touchpoints | Relationships, Not Rewards Key to Successful Loyalty

July 15, 2014: Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer is featured in this article on the importance of the customer relationship over rewards in developing loyalty.

Yahoo Finance | Clutch Powers Customer Loyalty Program for Amazon Webstore

July 9, 2014: Clutch develops premier solution for Amazon Webstore merchants to issue and accept custom automated loyalty rewards for customers.