Integration & Partnership Network

ClutchConnect™ is our extensive network of premier industry partnerships and select technology integrations. We connect with many of the industry’s leading brands to deliver clients cutting edge technology and intriguing business opportunities. To explore how your company can join the ClutchConnect network, contact us.


Select Relationships Include

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Marketing Partner

An ally willing to educate their client list about Clutch's advanced capabilities. They can do this through logo placement, email campaigns, blog posts, press or sharing clients for Clutch to contact.

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Referral Partner

This partner acts much like a Marketing Partner but takes the next step to physically set pitch meetings with the client, playing an integral role in identifying prospects and closing opportunities.

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Reseller Partner

An industry ally that resells Clutch's solutions to their clients. Clutch will arm the partner with sales materials and agreements, process orders and support the sale and implementation.

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Technology Partner

This partnership is customized for unique integration. Common verticals for this type of partnership include POS companies, middleware providers and payment processors, to name a few.

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Integration Directory

We integrate with hundreds of leading technology providers to deliver seamless service and extensive platform capabilities to premier brands. Click the link below to explore our integration directory.

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Clutch is always looking for create relationships with premier brands and technology providers. Click the link below to contact us to start exploring potential opportunities.

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