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Loyalty360 | Marketing’s Not Dead, It Gives Life to Loyalty

February 26, 2015: We sat down with Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, to discuss the idea that Marketing is “dead” as HBR put it.

MarketingProfs | Five Ways Advanced Consumer Management is Transforming Marketing

February 26, 2015: Successful companies are embracing advanced consumer management technology to gain a holistic, multidimensional understanding of customers.

Wired | Why Consumers Dislike Mobile Shopping Apps

February 25, 2015: Clutch’s Andy O’Dell discusses the shortcomings of shopping apps that create disapproval with consumers.

Loyalty360 | Building Brand Advocates

February 24, 2015: An in-depth slideshare on how brands can effectively identify and cultivate their brand advocates.

Retail TouchPoints | Back to Customer Service Basics in a Digital Era

February 24, 2015: Clutch’s Marketing Specialist, Tyler Walton, discusses how real-time connectivity to Customer Service helps drive user experience.

CMO Essentials | 5 Reasons Customers Hate Marketing Emails

February 18, 2015: Tyler Walton is featured in this guest column on five major mistakes brands make with their email marketing campaigns.

Retail TouchPoints | Uncovering, Understanding And Unlocking The Power of The MVC

February 17, 2015: Clutch’s VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses the impact of identifying and engaging a brand’s most valuable customers.

Amazon Blog | How to Identify Your Most Valuable Consumers

February 12, 2015: Amazon ‘Sell More’ Blog features how Consumer Management technology can help brands identify and leverage their best customers.

NextRestaurants | Unlocking the Power of Restaurant Segmentation

February 10, 2015: NextResturants invited Brad Marg, Chief Operating Officer with Clutch, to give some great insights on what’s possible for restaurants to leverage customer segmentation.

Incentive Magazine | A Closer Look at Clutch

February 5, 2015: The advanced consumer management platform helps brands build consumer loyalty and deliver gifting, gift card and strategic marketing solutions.

CNBC | Clutch Has Banner Year, Innovating Consumer Management with Record Growth and Marquee Honors

February 3, 2014: Clutch’s advanced Consumer Management platform leads the way in next-generation loyalty, gift and marketing solutions to existing customers and now engages over 45 million consumers.

LinkedIn Pulse | Personalize to Optimize

January 28, 2015: Clutch’s Dylan Gordon discusses the importance for brands to personalize their points of engagement to maximize their efficacy.

Direct Marketing News | The Three Pillars of Customer Lifetime Value

January 26, 2015: Clutch’s VP of Marketing discusses how brands are leveraging digital customer intelligence to enhance the customer lifetime value of marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn Pulse | 3 Ways Wet Seal Can Positively Move Forward

January 26, 2015: Clutch Marketing Specialist, Tyler Walton, discusses how Wet Seal can move forward from their recent market struggles.

Loyalty360 | How to Create a Killer Customer Experience

January 20, 2015: An in-depth view of the ins and outs of how brands can build an experience focused on their customers.

NCR Small Business Blog | 2015 Mobile Payment Security Top Issue

January 16, 2015: Clutch CSO, Any O’Dell, shares his thoughts on 2015 payment issues on NCR Small Business expert panel with experts from Forbes and Experian.

Business2Community | Five Advantages Savvy Marketers Gain From Consumer Management

January 15, 2015: As Marketing increasingly becomes a data-driven discipline within the organization, the ability to centralize, synthesize and analyze fragmented data streams across an array of channels is critical.

NCR Small Business Blog | 2014 The Year of Apple Pay

January 14, 2015: Clutch CSO, Andy O’Dell, with a panel of experts discussing the biggest payment innovation of the year in 2014.

LinkedIn Pulse | Loyalty Comes Second

January 14, 2015: It’s easy to get mesmerized in the attractive, enticing world of loyalty. In fact, we hear the same excitement all the time. However, loyalty comes second; data capture and customer intelligence come first.

NG Data | Use Customer Intelligence Data to Improve Customer Loyalty

January 8, 2015: Clutch’s Director of Customer Success, Joe Pino, reviews how brands can leverage their consumer data to effectively understand customers to ultimately earn loyalty.

Retail Leader | Loyalty Programs’ Effectiveness Questioned

January 7, 2015: Clutch’s Vice President of Marketing, Mark Harrington, discusses how brands are missing the big opportunity to build genuine connections with their customers.

Smart Data Collective | No, You Don’t Need A Data Scientist Army to Understand Consumers

January 6, 2015: Today’s advances in consumer management technology are facilitating a paradigm shift for brands to achieve authentic understanding and generate genuine loyalty from their best customers.

LinkedIn Pulse | Big Idea 2015: Back To Customer Engagement Basics

January 5, 2015: Clutch’s Tyler Walton is featured on LinkedIn Pulse’s ‘Big Idea’ discussion for 2015. Here he reviews the importance of getting back to basics with customers.

Loyalty Truth | Rawlings & Clutch Launch a Sporty Loyalty Program

December 18, 2014: Rawlings and Clutch have teamed to launch Rawlings Rewards that targets Rawlings most loyalty customers.

Loyalty360 | Rawlings’ New Loyalty Program Targets Loyal Customers as Advisers

December 16, 2014: Rawlings recently partnered with Clutch, a leading consumer management firm that specializes in consumer insights, strategic loyalty and advanced technology, to create Rawlings Rewards−the company’s first-ever customer loyalty program.

LinkedInPulse | Using Diminishing Customer Loyalty as a Competitive Advantage

December 15, 2014: As many companies lament diminishing loyalty from today’s ‘always on’ consumer, those savvy brands among them are embracing the approach and technology required to shift from a reactive, “wait and see” concept to a proactive, “design and drive” initiative.

CNN | Rawlings Teams with Clutch to Launch Rawlings Rewards Loyalty Program

December 10, 2014: Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc. recently partnered with Clutch, a leading consumer management firm that specializes in consumer insights, strategic loyalty and advanced technology, to create Rawlings Rewards™, its first consumer loyalty program.

LinkedIn Pulse | Leveraging Holiday Traffic to Expand Loyalty Enrollment

December 9, 2014: A look at methods and tactics to effectively increase loyalty program enrollment over the holiday season.

Smart Data Collective | How Savvy Marketers Transform “Big Consumer Data” into Customer Wins

December 5, 2014: The Marketing team for many leading brands has raced ahead of the curve thanks to technology advancements that don’t require teams of data savants.

LinkedIn Pulse | How Extended Black Friday Deals Are Killing Loyalty

December 2, 2014: Focusing on price instead of adding value, retailers are training shoppers to focus on price as well. They collectively create a customer expectation for discounts, driving market prices down, and increasing consumer surplus (when a consumer is willing to pay more than the current market price).

LinkedIn Pulse | 5 Holiday Gift Card Strategies for Restaurants and Retailers

November 24, 2014: Clutch’s Tyler Walton reviews strategies and tactics to effectively engage gift cards during the holiday season for both retailers and restaurants.

Loyalty Magazine | Clutch Launches Loyalty for Amazon Webstores

Third Quarter, 2014: Clutch is featured in the Q3 Loyalty Innovation review for launching a custom, automated loyalty program for Amazon Webstore merchants.

LinkedIn Pulse | Achieving Loyalty in the ‘Age of the Consumer’

November 20, 2014: Today, brands can understand consumers like never before on a multidimensional level in regards to their shopping tendencies, purchase actions, loyalty triggers and brand affinities.

Business2Community | Loyalty’s Evolution and the Impact on Brands

November 17, 2014: Marketing teams now have the ability to strategically understand their customers on deep, multidimensional levels based on their shopping actions and behaviors, allowing brands to craft personalized communications and engagements in real-time.

Loyalty360 | How Your Brand Can Effectively Gain Loyalty

November 14, 2014: Seizing customer loyalty is about winning who you can. Focus on customers who adopt early, and reward them for taking a chance on your brand. Furthermore, work to understand why your first customers became your first customers.

Inside CRM | 5 Reasons Your Company Needs Social Intelligence

November 13, 2014: According to Clutch VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, “When social intelligence is overlaid onto consumer transaction or loyalty data, its value grows exponentially given the dimensions of attitudes and actions that are revealed.”intelligence is overlaid onto consumer transaction or loyalty data, its value grows exponentially given the dimensions of attitudes and actions that are revealed.”

LinkedIn Pulse | Five Ways Brands Sabotage Customer Loyalty

November 11, 2014: Clutch VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington writes on five major ways brands are sabotaging customer loyalty with their reward program structure. | 6 Ways to Leverage Social CRM

November 8, 2014: Clutch VP of Marketing is featured in this article saying, “Having the ability to understand consumers on a multidimensional level allows brands to effectively engage, build loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage.”

Customer Engagement 365 | The Evolution of Loyalty

November 3, 2014: Clutch COO, Brad Marge, reviews how brands have the ability to strategically understand customers, allowing them to craft personalized communications and engagements in real-time to motivate consumer actions towards greater commitment and stronger loyalty.

LinkedIn Pulse | Building Brand Advocates

October 29, 2014: A brand advocate is a satisfied loyal customer who shares their positive experience with others, ultimately influencing the creation of more loyal customers.

Inside ERP | 5 Ways to Turn Social Media Data Into Customer Intelligence

October 28, 2014: Clutch VP of Marketing, Mark Harrington, shares insight on how to leverage social media to gain powerful insight on customers to drive strategy.

Yahoo Business Advisor | Achieving Loyalty in the ‘Age of the Consumer’

October 28, 2014: Many retailers lament today’s “Age of the Consumer,” pointing to the challenges and disadvantages it presents to brands, however, many innovative companies are recognizing this increased intelligence as a path to understand consumer needs in order to drive loyalty.

Future of Commerce | Why Retailers Should Stop Selling Loyalty

October 24, 2014: Forward thinking merchants are learning to focus on quality members, over quantity. It’s for this reason retailers serious about building loyalty should stop the hard sell that attracts those who are hunting discounts and focus on making it easy for your best customers.

WIRED | Experience the Key to Apple Pay’s Success

October 22, 2014: Clutch Co-Founder, Andy O’Dell, discusses why customer experience will determine whether Apple Pay is a tipping point for the mobile wallet space.

Business2Community | Achieving Success in the Age of the Consumer (infographic)

October 22, 2014: A infographic review of how smart brands are strategically building loyalty in today’s challenging ‘Age of the Consumer’ environment.

Solution Providers for Retail | Using Social Media In Business

October 20, 2014: Clutch Vice President of Marketing, Mark Harrington, reviews how businesses can strategically leverage social media to effectively build brand loyalty.

LinkedIn Pulse | Becoming Your Own Customer

October 15, 2014: Customer success starts with creating a quality product or service customers actually want. A company can have the greatest loyalty program in the world but it will fail if the foundation isn’t built around the customer.

CNBC | Clutch Delivers Automated Loyalty Platform to Amazon Webstore

October 15, 2014: The loyalty solution that Clutch has built is configurable so merchants using the Amazon Webstore platform can create programs that meet their needs and business model.

LinkedIn Pulse | What is Customer Success?

October 13, 2014: Clutch Marketing Manager, Tyler Walton write how overall customer success is a continuous process of removing barriers and increasing opportunities for customers to engage with a company.

Loyalty360 | Alleviating Loyalty Program Frustrations

October 13, 2014: A recently released study on customer engagement loyalty from Colloquy found that 54 percent of loyalty program members are unhappy with the reward options offered by brands.

Business2Community | Maximizing Your Best Customers (infographic)

October 10, 2014: As brands look to increase the impact of their marketing budgets to compete in today’s “Age of the Consumer,” many are realizing that a focus on maximizing their best customers is the most economical and effective path to success.

Businessweek | Philadelphia’s Focus on Technology

October 9, 2014: Clutch Co-founder and CEO, Ned Moore, was recently featured in a Philadelphia-focused section of Businessweek which highlighted Clutch as one of the region’s premiere technology businesses.

New York Times | Harrington Joins Clutch as Marketing Head

October 8, 2014: Clutch adds technology veteran marketer, Mark Harrington, as Vice President of Marketing to help expand company’s exposure and thought leadership.

Loyalty360 | Clutch COO Provides Insight on Loyalty, CX Trends

October 2, 2014: Clutch Chief Operating Officer, Brad Marg, sits down for a Q&A where he discusses the emerging trends in loyalty, success measurement and customer experience.

Future of Commerce | Consumer Success or Loyalty: Which Comes First?

October 1, 2014: Clutch Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer writes this guest column on the relationship between consumer success and consumer loyalty.

WIRED | Will Apple Kill Off Credit Cards Like Compact Discs?

August 28, 2014: Clutch Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Andy O’Dell, writes this guest feature reviewing Apple’s jump into the payment arena and the impact it could have.

Inc. | Creating an Affordable Mobile Marketing Presence

August 15, 2014: “Typically, relationships are the highest driver of loyalty in the SMB space, next to location, but they are often overlooked in SMB marketing plans,” explained Clutch Chief Strategy Officer, Andy O’Dell.

Loyalty360 | Becoming Your Own Customer

July 21, 2014: Clutch Marketing Manager, Tyler Walton, provides this guest column on how brands can become strategically customer centric.

eTail Blog | 7 Ways to Integrate Multichannel Data to Drive the Bottom Line

July 16, 2014: Clutch’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Jenna Flateman Posner, reviews how brands can synthesize and leverage multichannel data to drive business performance.

Retail Touchpoints | Relationships, Not Rewards Key to Successful Loyalty

July 15, 2014: Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer is featured in this article on the importance of the customer relationship over rewards in developing loyalty.

Yahoo Finance | Clutch Powers Customer Loyalty Program for Amazon Webstore

July 9, 2014: Clutch develops premier solution for Amazon Webstore merchants to issue and accept custom automated loyalty rewards for customers.