A Happy Union

For over forty years, global snowboard company Burton Snowboards has reinvented the way people experience the outdoors. Now, they are focused on creating authentic experiences for their customers both on and off the mountain.

Behind the scenes, with determination and an ambitious vision, the Burton team has been hard at work replacing almost every piece of technology in their stack. Led by Jason LaMonde, Burtons’ Senior Director of Global Consumer Technology and Product, Burton onboarded a new Order Management system with NewStore, added Loyalty and Gift Card programs with Clutch, and stood up Salesforce Service and Marketing clouds and replaced their exisitng ERP system.

“We knew Clutch had a strong integration with NewStore which was great, and the combined offering of gift and loyalty made perfect sense to us.” —Jason LaMonde

Read about this ambitious integration plan as well their program highlights and goals in our featured case study!

Program Goals

  • Customer retention
  • Re-activating churned customers
  • Increasing lifetime value
  • Increasing order frequency
  • Deepening customer insight
  • Creating brand advocates
Hit the Slopes!