Introducing Clutch Essential: The Premier NetSuite Loyalty Solution

When we launched the Clutch SuiteApp for NetSuite customers last year, we met a lot of smaller businesses that needed an out-of-the-box gift and loyalty program. They wanted something that gave small and medium-sized businesses the same ability to identify and motivate customers that their bigger competitors were using.


Consider their needs met.

Introducing Clutch Essential, an integrated gift and loyalty solution with enterprise-class features at a mid-market price. Clutch Essential is available as a SuiteApp for NetSuite customers.

Clutch Essential comes with a ready-to-use gift and loyalty program that allows users to launch up to 10 different automated campaigns. Through a hosted member portal, customers can check balances, update profiles, and view and manage an unlimited number of gift and loyalty transactions. It also features a number of tools, like triggered campaign reporting, triggered transactional emails, and pre-configured consumer segments.

“Many of the gift and loyalty solutions offered to businesses of our size don’t solve small business challenges like bolstering a slow period, re-engaging a lapsed customer, or retaining valuable customers,” said Douglas Stein, CEO at Mad Style. “Clutch Essential is an incredibly sophisticated program that offers the tools we need with integration to our existing platform.”

“No matter the size, we’re helping businesses weave customer data and analytics into their operations from day one. It’s a recipe for helping our clients better understand their customers and accelerate their business growth” said Ned Moore, President and CEO at Clutch.

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