Smart Data Drives Relationships and Turbocharges Loyalty Programs


In 2015, Meineke Car Care Centers’ loyalty program was falling flat. Their primary offer of a free oil change after five visits wasn’t doing much to engage customers or encourage more visits. With an influx of new cars on the road, they realized the need to do a better job of truly engaging with drivers while introducing them to a wider range of services if they were going to win that business. It was time for Meineke to get to know their customers and figure out how to best leverage the massive amount of customer data they amassed across their 900 franchisees.


Like many businesses, Meineke franchisees generated huge stores of customer data. The only problem was each store only had access to its own point-of-sale information from its own records while corporate only had data from its website and e-commerce platform. There was no single view of Meineke’s entire customer base and that limited the stakeholders ability to meaningfully connect with their customers in a way that would drive revenue.

Clutch, hired by Meineke to lead its revamp, integrated data points from Meineke’s point-of-sale, customer communications, and e-commerce systems. The company discovered that this centralized, integrated data strategy could help them make personalized, informed decisions about what each customer needed, when they needed it. In an industry that tends to rely on generic, direct mail coupons to drive business, this was a huge step forward.

Meineke now has a single, unified view of their customers. As a result, they are able to personalize offers based on their customer’s anticipated maintenance schedule. They can also estimate how far customers have driven since their last visit from the mileage information collected at the customer’s previous service visit. That information is then used to estimate when a customers’ car would reach a mileage appropriate for recommending a switch to synthetic oil, for example, and send the customer an offer customized to that recommendation.

Building a customer engagement and loyalty program isn’t an overnight project. But gaining a more thorough, data-driven understanding of their customers has been a key factor helping Meineke motivate its drivers and build long-term relationships that positively impact the bottom line.

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