Activate Data and Engage Customers in Real-Time

Clutch’s Customer Data Platform powers individualized marketing with a complete, cross-channel view of each customer. Automate unique customer experiences with a real-time consumer intelligence platform driven by the power of Machine Learning.

Holistic Customer Data Storage

Holistic Customer Data Storage

Clutch’s open API framework bridges data gaps in your tech stack to create a single source of truth for all customer activities that is ready to deploy in segments and campaigns.
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Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Build and manage the perfect audience to deliver compelling campaigns through effective segmentation based on demographic, behavioral, or transactional data.
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Dynamic Segmentation
Campaign Logic

Machine Learning

Clutch’s embedded machine learning algorithms are 80% more accurate at predicting future customer behaviors than human-driven efforts. Manage churn, identify fraud, optimize lifetime value and more.
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Unified Analytics

Consolidate commerce, campaign, and customer reporting onto one dashboard and create custom visualizations with ease. Distribute the findings to inform channel partners, agencies or team members.
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Bring Your Data to Life with Clutch’s Integrated Solutions

Loyalty Management

Deliver personalized and effective loyalty incentives to your customers and transform them into brand superfans. Learn More about Loyalty

Gift Card & Stored Value

Drive strategic engagement to new and existing customers with gift cards, promotions, and merchandise credit. Learn More about Gift

Marketing Orchestration

Trigger relevant and engaging content based on your customers’ preferred communication channels. Learn More about Orchestration

It’s Time to Finally See the Entire Customer Journey

Looking to learn more about Clutch’s Customer Data Platform? Get in touch and learn how unified data leads to a better, more profitable customer experience, every step of the way.