Think of Clutch’s Customer Data and Marketing Platform like the brains of your marketing operation. It performs three key functions that enable personalized marketing at scale: identifies your customers, extracts meaning from your data, and recommends actions that benefit your brand.


A unified, 360 degree profile for each of your customers

Clutch Core Platform - Identify
All of Your Data in One Place

Establish complete, persistent profiles with a platform built to ingest an infinite number of data points from any system

Clean, Organized, Complete

Link identifiers across systems, resolve duplicates, and enrich profiles using Clutch’s network of third-party data partners

Updated in Real-Time

Stay connected to live events and ensure profiles remain current with two-way API integrations


The insights you need to optimize customer lifetime value

Clutch Core Platform - Understand
Scoring + Lifetime Value

Measure customer lifetime value or establish scores using a recency, frequency, monetary model

Real-Time Segments

Establish events and rules that control customer movement in and out of configured segments

Churn Modeling

Proactively manage churn with dynamic models for active, lapsing and lapsed customers


The power to effect positive change in real-time

Clutch Core Platform - Motivate
Decisioning Engine

Your customer’s actions - or inactions - trigger engagements that help manage churn, build loyalty, and optimize value

Machine Learning

Clutch learns from your data, honing in on the content, audience, channel, and timing that will achieve the best results

Open Architecture

Enable Clutch insights in any system by integrating to any endpoint with our open API architecture

Start powering personalization at scale with our integrated solutions