A Data Capture Strategy
At the core, loyalty programs are a way to collect customer data. But more data leads to better marketing. Better marketing increases engagement. Higher engagement drives more revenue. And all of these things together result in long-standing customer loyalty.

Our Personalized Approach to Loyalty

Who is this person and what else do we know about them?

What are their interests and how do they like to interact?

What behaviors are reward-worthy and what is the right reward currency?

What program design will motivate the right behaviors?

What Makes us Different

Integrated Approach

With Clutch, you can enroll and engage on any channel and attribute program ROI with closed-loop reporting and member vs non-member comparisons

Strategy & Expertise

We have deep expertise in loyalty strategy, integrations, and execution across verticals and have built a repertoire of success metrics along the way

Diverse Program Design

We use your historical customer data to tailor fit a program that aligns perfectly with your brand

  • Points, Punches & Tiers
  • Surprise & Delight
  • VIP Programs
  • Frequency
  • Cashback
  • Custom

Flexible Reward Currencies

We power an array of reward currencies that motivate desirable customer behavior

  • Cash Equivalents
  • Checkout Discounts
  • Points & Punches
  • Experiential
  • Promotional
  • Stored Value

A Measurable Impact



Higher Annual Spend


Increase in Purchase Frequency


Higher Average Order Value


Higher Engagement

Take the focus off the program and put it back on the customer.