Sales pipeline management

Harness Clutch's suite of connected marketing tools that automate your tasks and give instant feedback so you can connect with the right customers at just the right time.

The platform built for B2C marketers

Keeping your business top of mind with customers has never been more competitive. Marketing teams need greater flexibility and faster campaign deployment, while tracking key customer insights to inform your decision and budget. Clutch is built to supercharge B2C marketers with a suite of tools that help you drive measurable impact.
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Only pay for what your team needs. Customize your suite and add tools when you grow to need them.

deal tracking

Deal tracking

Get real-time, actionable insights you can rely on. See cross-channel customer metrics and set up automatic triggers for specific groups.

pipeline management

Pipeline management

Clutch has dedicated integrates with 450+ tools across Point of Sale, eCommerce, ERP, ESP, CRM, and more. Our open API can also integrate with whatever systems you use.

Customer Data Platform

Get comprehensive customer insights in real time.

Individualize your marketing actions and automate unique experiences with Clutch. Use real-time consumer intelligence data driven by machine learning to engage customers at just the right time with offers unique to them.

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Loyalty Management

Rethink your loyalty strategy with machine learning

Modernize your loyalty strategy and individualize campaigns based on real-time customer behaviors. Use ML-powered insights to delight your customers with individualized experiences that engage and motivate.

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Gift Cards & stored value

Augment your marketing strategy & AOV

Gifts cards are how your biggest fans introduce your brand to potential customers. Make a good impression with Clutch's Gift Card specific programs that are proven to double AOV.

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Marketing Orchestration

You have great content. make sure it impacts the right people.

Blend your email and mobile marketing efforts. Marketers can design every detail of the customer experience with Clutch’s drag-and-drop editor and smart asset manager. And with precise audiences, you can customize content with actionable performance metrics.

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World-Class Partners

Clutch integrates with over 450+ partners. And with open API technology, you can connect to any tools you need.

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