Your Promotions are Talking, but is Anyone Listening?

Are your promotions having a one-way conversation?

Today, marketers know that the key to reaching customers is through engaging content, so why not use promos as a platform to talk to the people who want them most?

Add value with helpful reminders about expiring offers or mix it up by using different channels. Whatever you do, don’t start and stop with the offer. Show your promotions some love with these easy steps!

Tip#1 Keep the Conversation Going

Use redeemed promotion as a jumping off point for future communications. Customers say content pushes them to convert more than any other factor, so make it part of your promotion strategy.

  • Expiration Reminder: Trigger an email to remind your customers to use their offer before it’s too late!
  • Abandonment Cart Communications: Convert abandoned carts or ignored promotions with a triggered email and onsite/in-app push notifications
  • Redemptions: Conversions point to messages, actions or behaviors that cause your offer to be redeemed. Use your customers conversion points to personalize your next offer and increase promotion redemptions.
  • Content: Use browsing history to send relevant reviews or additional product images to increase conversions.

Tip #2 Connect Channels Together

As every retailer knows the customer journey doesn’t start when the customer enters your store nor does is stop upon the customers exit. The intricate customer journey takes place across email, mobile, social media, other digital channels as well as traditional mediums like direct mail.

Integrating promotions onto a single platform not only creates a seamless experience for the customer, it enables marketers to develop data-driven, result-focused promotion strategies that can effectively influence promotions on all channels.

  • Diversify your offers: Treat segments differently. Why send everyone 20% off when many customers will buy at 10%? Don’t assume everyone should get the same offer.
  • Track Customer Response: If someone converts on the web from email but in-store from mobile, use this data to craft your next engagement. Send your offers via the channels your customers engage in the most boosts redemptions.
  • Treat Members Differently: Loyalty program members should not receive the same offer as non-loyalty members. This level of personalization may require additional coordination among channels, but when you make your loyal customers feel appreciated you will be rewarded happier customer and conversions.
  • Integrated Platform: A single platform to manage offers and reporting lets marketers see what’s working and what isn’t, so they can continually optimize variables like content and segments across channels.

Start delighting your customers and boosting business

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