Three Clever Ways to Promote Events with SMS

Every day there seems to be a sale in retail. In a market fighting for a limited share of consumers’ wallets, unique promotions are an essential differentiator for retailers. A $4.99 pack of t-shirts might entice a few consumers to make a spontaneous purchase, but the vast majority of shoppers are looking for more. Hosting an event is a great way to attract customers with interactive activities, exciting promotions, and ultimately, more spending. Here are a few unique ideas to diversify your SMS campaigns:


When hosting a dinner party, a host builds accountability with their guests through RSVPs. Why should a big sale be any different? Reach out to your most loyal consumers with unique content, making them feel special with dynamic attributes – first name, their local store, or their favorite product. Notify them of the upcoming event at a nearby store and ask them to RSVP via a keyword in return for an in-store only offer.

Great for: Anniversary sales and private events.

Mystery Offer
Build hype around a sale with a little surprise for users, enticing them to engage with the brand to receive their deal. Offer a unique promotion 24 hours before the event if they sign up with their mobile number. The offer can be delivered with an interactive scratch-off that reveals a new outfit they can buy using their unique redemption code.

Great for: Non-holiday sales to drum up new business.

Scavenger Hunt
Opening new store locations is an extremely exciting time, and each grand opening should receive lots of pomp and circumstance. Invite new consumers to visit during the grand opening by touring them around the store with a scavenger hunt. Prompt users to join with a keyword in that will provide their first clue, leading them to a specific department. Upon finding the next clue, use another keyword to lead them through the store, and end the hunt with a rewarding offer.

Great for: Back-to-school, store openings, and Easter egg hunts.

After the purchase, tie the unique redemption code to the customer’s purchase and flag their local store for location-based marketing going forward. But beyond location, aim to learn something new about each customer with each major promotion. This will help inform communication going forward – first name, email address, preferred location, preferred department, product affinities, the list goes. The more you know, the more they will engage!

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