NetSuite Loyalty Program & Marketing Solution

It’s official! NetSuite clients can now use Clutch’s platform to motivate and understand their existing customers. The best part? It’s easy.

Our application has reached “Built for NetSuite” status. That signifies our application meets NetSuite’s highest standards for quality and seamless integration.

For companies utilizing NetSuite for their ERP systems, they’ll have access to our comprehensive customer analytics across their sales, mobile, and e-commerce channels, all in one place, and easily accessible at a granular level.

Over the past decade, the computing environment has changed rapidly for retailers. Companies added new systems to meet the demands of emerging technologies – eCommerce systems as online sales skyrocketed, and mobile apps as phones overcame desktops.

The problem is that these systems often didn’t work well together, making it difficult for executives to compile data on the entire universe of customers.

Retailers are increasingly looking to companies like NetSuite for comprehensive, cross-channel solutions to manage their sales, inventory, and accounting data.

Using the Clutch SuiteApp, retailers will be able to easily use customer data for enhanced analytics, an incredible advantage that will allow them to identify the behaviors of their best customers, and those who might become their best customers.

Imagine, for example, being able to use customer data to deliver personalized offers based on consumer buying habits. A comprehensive customer data set can help companies refine their marketing and engage their customers.

“Clutch’s gift and loyalty platform gives retailers a detailed view of consumers that can be brought down to a near individual level,” said Guido Haarmans, senior vice president for business development for technology partners at NetSuite. “Together, the Built for NetSuite SuiteApp puts all of a retailer’s customer data in one place, combining the power of multiple sales platforms in a comprehensive system that spans vendors and channels.”

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