Forrester Highlights Meineke in New Loyalty Report

Forrester Research’s Senior Analyst for Customer Loyalty, Emily Collins, recently published a report entitled, Harness Loyalty Insights To Build Business Advantage (subscription required). The brief validates Clutch’s product strategy of loyalty programs being an insight-capture tool to enhance brands’ existing customer marketing.

“It’s easy to treat loyalty as a separate silo within marketing, but the benefits of embracing the loyalty insights that firms can derive from that data have broad-reaching implications for the stability and strength of customer relationships.” Hence it is vital for brands to use advanced loyalty technology to drive customer-centric marketing initiatives.

Our key client, Meineke Car Care Centers, was represented by their vice president of marketing, Summer Nunn. Highlighted in the section about brands’ struggles to leverage data into personalization, Summer comments on the advantages of using one marketing platform to quickly execute campaigns: “Testing and iteration take time….Execution is always going to be a challenge when there are multiple vendors involved.” This is yet another validation of marketers’ need for a single end-to-end marketing platform.

When data from all customer touch points are matched and aggregated into one platform, brands are finally able to extract meaningful insight around their customer behavior. This foundation of customer analytics is the basis from which all intelligent campaigns can be created. Marketers can quickly test messages to different segments and learn more about their preferences, ultimately improving relevancy and customer lifetime value. We’re excited to continue partnering with innovative brands like Meineke and push the limits on personalized customer experiences.

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