How Savvy Brands Increase Overall Spend

When the same old discounts aren’t helping brands sell anymore, a click to claim campaign can help track down the reason why — and give their customers an extra incentive to buy as well. The opportunity for experimentation, segmentation, analytics, and enhanced customer experience make click to claim a valuable feature in a brand’s toolbox. It can help track the effectiveness of different discounts and increase overall spend. In fact, some Clutch clients have reported a 38% increase in spend per customer purchase after using the click to claim feature.

What Is Click to Claim?

Click to claim is a type of email or SMS marketing campaign that allows brands to send offers that are instantly added to their customers’ accounts. Customers receive emails or text messages with a CTA asking them to “click to claim” an offer. Upon clicking the CTA button, the customers are taken to their accounts on the brand’s website or app with the offer pre-populated and ready to be applied to their purchases at check out — no further steps required.

5 Reasons Why Brands Use Click to Claim

Marketers who use click to claim campaigns benefit from them in more ways than just an increase in sales. From the data collection in the backend to customer experience in the front, these are some of the top reasons why brands use click to claim campaigns as a part of their marketing strategy.

1. Personalize and Cultivate Urgency

Click to claim offers make customers feel special. Where an email or SMS ad with typical discounts, coupons, sale offers, or other content is easily passed over, click to claim offers are more enticing because they make customers feel special with CTAs such as “Claim Your Offer” or “Get Your Coupon.” The ad copy might even incorporate the customer’s name in the CTA or email subject line. Additionally, limited-time click to claim offers can cultivate urgency among customers who don’t want to miss their chance to take advantage of their very own personal offer.

2. Attribute Sales to Each Individual Customer

Marketers can closely follow the click to claim customer journey each step of the way, knowing exactly which customers clicked on an offer, and out of those customers, who followed through with a purchase. This insight into customer attribution helps brands determine the ROI of different offers, and collect detailed data on the customers who claimed them.

3. Test Different Offers to Maximize Spend

Brands that use click to claim campaigns can get more insight into what’s working and what isn’t, and avoid wasting time and resources on estimating which offer works best. Instead of guessing, they can simply send out various click-to-claim offers and analyze the results to find the sweet spot that maximizes customer spend or engagement. See the section below on how brands can use click to claim offers for an example of how to execute this type of test.

4. Easily Segment Customers

While testing click to claim offers to see which one works best overall, brands can also analyze which offers work best for different user personas. Rather than sending the same offer to all customers, it’s easy to change the offer based on customer attributes or behaviors. For example, after observing that free shipping tends to hook in new buyers, a brand might send a click to claim offer for free shipping to first-time customers and offer a 15%-off discount to returning customers.

5. Create a Seamless User Experience

Click to claim campaigns don’t just streamline the data analytics and segmentation process for marketers — they streamline the user experience as well. Customers don’t need to copy and paste a discount code or search for sale items in an online shop. Fewer barriers for the customer will translate to more sales for the brand.

How Can Brands Use Click to Claim Offers?

From free gifts or free shipping to BOGO or virtual scratch-off coupons, there are plenty of creative ways to take advantage of click to claim campaigns for your brand, however, the most popular type of offer is a dollar amount-off or percent-off discount. In the following example, a grocer sent out different click to claim offers and analyzed the campaign results to find the optimal discount to offer their customers.

Step 1: Test Offer Amounts

With the goal of increasing engagement and overall spend, the brand decided to use a dollar amount-off discount for their promotions. However, they didn’t know exactly how much of a discount to offer. So, they initiated a click to claim campaign to test which offer would work best. Their customers received one of three different offers at random: $3 off $20, $5 off $35, or $10 off $40.

Step 2: Compare Redemption Behavior

After collecting data on the customers who took advantage of the offers, the brand compared their overall spend to that of customers who did not claim an offer. They observed that customers who claimed the $5 off $35 spent an average of $82 overall — $40 more than customers who did not use any discount.  

The brand also found that a discount of under $5 (i.e. $3 off $20) was too low to motivate customers to engage with them or make a purchase. They also found that a discount above $5 (i.e. $10 off $40) did not significantly increase overall spend, so there was no need to offer a higher discount.

Step 3: Optimize Future Offers

Based on the results of the multivariate test, the brand found their promotional sweet spot at $5 off $35. This discount offer both motivated customer behavior and increased spend, so the brand decided to continue to offer it to their customers as a click to claim promotion. The customers were satisfied with the discount and how easy it was to use, and the increased sales and overall spend led to increased profit for the brand.


Click to claim is a feature that brands use not only to boost sales but to increase customer satisfaction and emotional loyalty as well. Plus, click to claim campaigns give marketers a window into customer behavior, easing the process of finding the perfect promotional offer. Additionally, the streamlined user experience and extra insight gained from click to claim campaigns make them a powerful marketing tool for brands who want the full picture (and maximum profit).

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