How Personal Are Your Promotions?

Are you personalizing your promotional offers?

If you answered no, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Only 39% of retailers personalize promotions and recommendations through email, so there’s a good chance you’re among the 61% missing out on an opportunity to improve promotion performance.

However, it’s never too late to make a great impression with your customers. Whether you are using a loyalty program, mobile, email, direct mail or social to share promotions, you can use the following steps to implement data-driven promotions.

#1 Capture Data at the Start

Capturing new customer intelligence is a powerful benefit of a smart promotions strategy and should begin at the start. Yet numerous opportunities to do so are often missed by marketers, limiting follow-up and future personalization of offers.

  • Gate Promotions: Requiring an email or phone number to receive a promotion sets the stage for customization down the road.
  • Opt-In: Include a check box for customers to join your loyalty program or simply agree to receive future communications on a specific channel.
  • Web Pixel: Add a pixel during opt-in and link browsing behavior to a persistent ID like email or phone number.

#2 Test & Optimize

Just like any other marketing effort, promotions are an opportunity to learn—both about your audience and your offer—so you can improve KPIs over time.

  • Audience Segmentation: Segment your audience by known attributes (gender, location, age, interest, past purchase behavior) and test personalized content to see what resonates.
  • Personalize Offers: Optimize conversions by A/B testing content, like Free Shipping vs. Free 2 Day Shipping.

Start delighting your customers and boosting business

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