Clutch Integrates Core Gift and Loyalty Tech with NetSuite

One of Clutch’s core competitive advantages is its spectrum of integrations across leading technologies that span point-of-sale networks, e-commerce systems, middleware components, mobile technologies. among others. Now Clutch’s gift and loyalty platform technology is now compatible with NetSuite’s ERP solution delivering advanced customer gift card and loyalty solutions to brands engaging NetSuite’s technology.

As Clutch’s vice president of partnerships, Jenna Flateman Posner, explained, “We’ve essentially made the Netsuite ERP into and fully functioning gift and loyalty processing engine, dually synced with Clutch’s backend platform. This enables gift issuance and redemption, customer enrollment, balance checks, analytics and reporting, customer lookups and more. It also enhances NetSuite’s customer profiling by incorporating customer score stats like a customer’s average spend and other dimensions.”

Implementing a data-driven customer strategy is easy with Clutch’s Gift, Loyalty and Automated Marketing Platform built specifically for NetSuite’s eCommerce solution, SuiteCommerce. Learn more about how Clutch’s customer marketing solutions can help you identify, understand and motivate your customers.

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