Birthdays Mean Bigger Baskets

Family, friends, your co-workers: at some point they’ll all mess up and forget your special day, but your favorite brands would never.

Virtually every retailer’s loyalty program includes a birthday reward, but most don’t capitalize on the potential of this high-engagement, annual event.

Our retail clients have had amazing results with their birthday campaigns. One client sent mobile messages to 80 thousand subscribers on their birthday over a six-month period and saw a 31% redemption rate—producing $1.5 million in revenue or $60 per subscriber on average.

Our platform gives retailers even more opportunities to leverage birthdays by expanding available channels and refining targeting through segmentation and data capture.

Set It and Forget It

If your priority is launching a simple birthday promotion, automated segments can help get you there with very little work for your team. You can set the campaign to send a standard message to every subscriber whose birthday you collect—on the date itself or even just during the birth month. Messages can be sent via mobile message, email, or app.

Going Deeper

Depending on how much data a brand collects, the platform can use segments and a customer’s profile to customize birthday messages further:

  • Seasonal Greetings: Segment by a three-month period and align message content to seasons or events, like customers with fall birthdays receiving greetings featuring boots or sweaters.
  • Personalization: For marketers interested in more sophisticated targeting, the platform can use purchase history and browsing behavior to highlight products that appeal most to the birthday boy or girl, thus making a redemption more likely
  • Dynamic Web Content: The platform takes birthday greetings beyond messages—if a known visitor is on a retailer’s site, the platform can customize a banner or show a customized offer to them.

For those retailers struggling with promotions, birthdays could be a good place to begin testing data integration and segmentation. Results from birthday campaigns can help inform a retailer’s approach to campaign optimization and management.

This year, say more than “Happy Birthday.” You might just get what you want in return.

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