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Meineke Car Care Centers collected a mountain of customer data. But like most businesses, it wasn’t organized in a way that allowed them to use that data to guide their customer retention strategies.

Ideally, Meineke should have been able to estimate when a car was due for its next oil change based on the date of the last oil change and the odometer reading collected at the time of the customers visit. They then would have been able to personalize offers and engage customers at the time when the offer would have held the most value. However, the lack of visibility caused by data housed in disparate systems, relegated Meineke to blanketing zip codes with costly direct mail offers, which were inefficient and offered little insight into the value the offer held for the customer.

Once Meineke integrated their data into the Clutch platform, they were able to glean valuable insight into their customers purchasing cycles and develop effective communication triggers. This information was then used to identify and segment customers, customize offers and establish a loyalty program set apart from their competitors. These new automated emails had an open rate four times higher than generic email blasts, and received ten times as many clicks.

At the beginning of the campaign, Meineke’s ratio of customer communications was 60 percent of direct mail compared to 40 percent of email. However, a year later the campaign optimization offered by the Clutch platform enabled them to decrease the amount of direct mail by 33%. With direct mail costing up to 100x more than email, Meineke’s new customer engagement strategy not only saved valuable marketing dollars but increased revenue for the business. Meineke centers also doubled their conversion rate on offers, hitting a number that even bested services like Groupon and RetailMeNot by a wide margin.

Many retailers are still utilizing a “spray and pray” marketing strategy that can cause messaging and offers to be ignored by today’s savvy consumer who have come to expect a personal experience from brands. Meineke addressed their business needs by improving its customer retention strategies and the need of their customers by personalizing and automated their marketing campaigns. By utilizing the Clutch platform Meineke is now able to personalize each communication sent to each customer and increase the lifetime value of its existing customers.

Want to learn how the Clutch platform helped Meineke move from being white noise in the marketplace to using their data to positively engage and motivate their customers?

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