1+1=3 Synergies Series: How Modern Marketing Orchestration Tools enhance Stored Value & Gift Card Platforms

Synergy. “When the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. It’s what we always strive for, whether in operational processes or technology. Modern marketing orchestration tools, which integrate Email and SMS functionalities, offer significant revenue-driving benefits when combined with Stored Value and Gift Card Platforms. These integrations enable you to create seamless, automated, and secure customer experiences. By combining these tools, companies can streamline operations, increase engagement, enhance customer service, and improve compliance, ultimately driving more value from their marketing strategies. Here are a few ways Marketing Orchestration tools and Stored Value Platforms create a synergistic effect. 

Drive your Gift Card Holders to Their Next Purchase

When these systems are built into the same platform, you can create automated and real-time triggers to nudge gift card holders toward making a purchase, whether online or in-store. For instance, a customer who has recently received a gift card can be sent a personalized email or SMS reminder to use their card, complete with suggestions for popular items or upcoming sales. Don’t forget that on average gift card holders redeem 2-5x the value of their gift card depending on the denomination, so redemption is always the overall goal. 

This combination of tools enables marketing automation that is far more effective than siloed third-party platforms. Instead of manually managing multiple systems, you can rely on a unified platform that communicates seamlessly. This not only ensures timely and relevant messaging but also increases the likelihood of converting gift card holders into repeat customers. By leveraging data and insights from a single platform, you can tailor their communications to each customer's preferences and behavior, creating a more engaging and personalized experience.

Simplify the Customer Service Process

Customer service is a critical component of the customer experience, and integrating marketing communications with stored value tools can significantly simplify this process. When marketing orchestration tools are combined with gift card platforms, customer support teams can handle gift card-related issues more efficiently. For example, suppose a customer needs to resend a gift card or requires a merchandising credit. In that case, support staff can issue these appeasements directly from the integrated platform without switching between different systems.

This seamless integration reduces the time and effort required to resolve customer issues, leading to quicker resolutions and higher customer satisfaction. Moreover, it enables support teams to access all relevant customer information in one place, making it easier to track interactions and provide personalized assistance. By streamlining these processes, you can improve their overall customer service operations, freeing up resources to focus on other critical areas.

Improve Compliance and Security

Compliance and security are paramount when dealing with gift card information and financial data. Integrating Email and SMS platforms with Stored Value and Gift Card Platforms helps your team enhance their compliance and security measures. When all gift card information is kept within a single, vetted platform, the risks associated with sharing sensitive data across multiple third-party systems are significantly reduced.

A unified platform that the IT team has approved ensures that all data handling practices comply with relevant regulations and security standards. This not only reduces the compliance risk but also saves time and effort for the business. Companies can avoid the complexities and potential vulnerabilities of managing multiple platforms, ensuring that customer data is protected and that compliance requirements are consistently met.

Furthermore, you can implement more robust security protocols and monitoring systems by using a single platform for all marketing and stored value activities. This comprehensive approach to data security helps prevent breaches and ensures that customers' financial information remains safe.


Integrating modern marketing orchestration tools with Stored Value and Gift Card Platforms are a no brainer. By driving gift card holders to their next purchase, simplifying the customer service process, and improving compliance and security, companies can create more effective and efficient marketing strategies. These synergies not only enhance customer engagement and satisfaction but also provide a competitive edge in the market. Embracing these integrated solutions is a strategic move that can lead to significant improvements in both operational efficiency and customer experience. Click here to learn more about Clutch’s Stored Value Platform and our Marketing Orchestration Platform

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